#Mysharpface.. Brought To You By Maybelline (CONTEST)

January 31, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

I was so excited when I got The Sharp Face Kit in my hand few days ago, and I finally got a chance to tried it all out. Well, actually I already have done the review for the Maybelline White Superfresh Face Powder, which you can read it here. But other that that, I've never try the 3 other products as shown in the pictures above. The colour of the blushes are very pigmented. Blush 'Em! Blushstudio, I only swatch it once and the colours came out very well. It actually available in 4 different shades that you can choose which are I'm Glowy, I'm Pop, I'm Fashionista, and I Love Pink. The blusher also has a small blush applicator inside, and the whole packaging itself are pretty handy because it is in a small size palette, you can basically bring it outside with you for a quick touch up.

For the Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil, I was actually surprised with the design. It came out with ourultra-fine 1.6mm tip for a well defined eyebrow look. So it is easier for you to draw the shape of the eyebrow that you're prefer. To be honest, I have never tried a thin eyebrow tip like the Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil here, so this is my first time experience it lah!

Here some great news for you! You can join a contest and stand a chance to RM1,500 worth of Maybelline prizes! Awesome, right? And the instruction are very simple. Refer the image below:

You can enter this contest by using the sharp-face makeup kit as all of the products are available in most of Maybelline local store. Plus, you don't need much makeup products to create that sharp supermodel look; Maybelline Sharp-face kit is all you need for it. (Contest ends on 12 February 2015).

I tested all of the products and create a complete sharp face makeup only in 3 minute! No kidding! I manage to complete all the face makeup by only using those 4 products (i added some mascara and a touch of lipcolour since I thought I had some extra time left) and achieve those natural yet sharp face makeup look!

For more info, visit:
Instagram: @maybellinemalaysia

*this products have been given to me for a blog post purposes. 

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  1. in love with the brow pencil

  2. This blogs is all out when posting reviews. gotta try some of their products :)

    xx jona


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