Not a Good Start of 2015

January 02, 2015

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Alhamdulillah another year is finally here. Wishing you a fabulous 2015! How did I celebrate my new year? Well, I never celebrate it and also, since my final exam is just around the corner, I was studied (konon lah) and Wechat-thing with my bestie, we talked about our age. We gonna be 23 soon, and because of that we thought about getting really serious towards life from now on. The topic just like auntie-auntie, right? haha! So yeah, that was what I've been doing on the countdown while you guys were having fun spending time with friends and family. My mom was busy watching Hindustan movie. Shah Rukh Khan mah, she wouldn't missed the chance haha!

Btw, talk about new year, it is that time again where people make their new wish or new year resolution and yeah just like me, we all never crossed that wishlist COMPLETELY. For 2014, I only manage to crossed 3 or 4 of it. What happened to the others? Well, let's see:
  1. Reduce weight atleast 10kilos = Too busy enjoyed my delicious beef burger with extra cheese once a week.
  2. Buy a new laptop = I spend all my money on foods.
  3. Buy a better quality camera = Same reason as number 2.
  4. Wake up early = I hate morning.
  5. AND THE EXCUSES GOES ON..........

Haha miserable. Yeah I know. I saw people's status in social media and they mentioned that 2014 have been a really great year for them as they get through a lot of awesome experiences. I am so happy for you guys! And as for me, well, I don't have any extravagant memory to keep in 2014 instead I had gone through a lot of obstacle here and there. Maybe the factors was because I live far from my family and currently I'm staying in Kuala Lumpur to further my study. You know, life as a student was never easy. There's gonna be a lot of problems that sometimes you can't handle. It is hard, and hard enough to make this strong girl cry sometimes. That is why I flew back and fort every 2 months from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu just so I can see my family often. But I still thankful for all those people who have been supporting me, and thanks to Allah for giving me another chance another year to continue my journey. And comparing last year with 2013 and 2012, I can say that 2014 is where I got my strength back, keeping my head and chest high, stayed strong because there are lot of things that I need to do to continue crossing my precious wishlist. 

I got my driving license last year, and a few days later, I drove my mom's car and hangout with my best friend. I always wanted to have my driving license just because it's a lot easier for me to go anywhere. I'm not that type of person who gonna sit and stay at home 24hours. So yeyyy one of the best accomplishment in 2014. Then I bought something special using my blogger income. I'm more into a spender, rather than a saver. So it was reaaally really hard for me to buy something that a bit pricy because I keep spending my money on unnecessary things. So of course I'm grateful :)

For this 2015, I've planned so many things that I need to change for the sake of myself in the future. I really hope that I will lost that 10kilos (this excessive fats already been here for the past few years). I started to go to the gym, but never eat a healthy food. Demm! It's okay I still have 363 days left haha! *i need to be serious though. I also hope that I can save a lot of money, maybe prepare a big giant piggy bank aka tabung next to my bed so that everytime I woke up, it will reminds me of 'tolong berjimat cermat'.

A good and a bad experiences. Life is full with ups and downs. You're not gonna be a lucky person forever. And the truth is, as I was typing this post for you guys (4:30am), my mom suddenly knock on my door and when I came out, I saw all the household stuff were scattered on the floor. Doors and windows were opened, clothes and bags were all over the floor. Yes you can guess, we have been robbed! Just a few minutes ago while I was typing this post. I'm in shock right now, and in the same time I am so angry at myself. I'm the one who still awake (i don't sleep at night though), but how come I did not notice the burglar sneak in to our house? Btw, he took iPhone, iPad, another smartphone from my sis-in-law's bedroom (she was asleep that time), wallet, and maybe a few other stuffs. As we patrol the area, we saw his footprint in a few other places; toilet, kitchen, sis-in-law's bedroom, living room, and others. And we also noticed that he opened one of the drawer in the kitchen, so we thought 'maybe' he was looking for a knife just in case if he's been found out. What else did he looked for in the kitchen, right? Thank God we keep all the sharp utensils in other hidden places. But what really matters is that we all safe especially my two 2 years, and 2months old nephews. Ada hikmah why I didn't even noticed the burglar sneaked in here. (actually I turned on a music, and maybe he know that I was still awake so that's why he didn't came into my room). fuuuhhh nasibbbb. 

Not a good start of 2015 :(

I'm gonna go and take a quick nap now. I'm so tired, 24hours haven't sleep yet. Too afraid to sleep. You never know same thing might happen twice -_- (8:26am, roger and out)

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  1. Astaufirguaalazim :( sab sedikit sebanyak paham ngan apa nad lalui. tp ks nad lagi extreme dr sab. sab pernah dulu org bukak tingkap and dia capai hp sab. terbangun sebab rasa sejuk. mmg xpernah bukak tingkap bila tido. tgk2 hp and psp dah hilang. lepas tu dia dtg lagi. sab terbukak mata and nampak tgn dia kat tingkap. huhu. pastu dia lari sbb dia sedar yg sab sedar. trauma kot 2-3 bulan dengan bunyik tingap.

    Please take care. Ada hikmah ni. Keep strong ok!

    1. Tu la sab.. mmg trauma gak aa.. nad x brani nak tdo, takut kang tetibe dia dtg blk ke.. n x brani nak stay sorang3 kat umah.. sbb takut dia akan dtg for the 2nd time huhu


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