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November 28, 2014

As a person who loves beauty so much, when it comes to a wedding ceremony, just the dress, themes and concept, the wedding atmosphere, and the bride's makeup really makes me happy and excited. Everything looks so beautiful!

I believe every brides want to look best on their big day. A fresh looking makeup that suitable with the dress are one of the important things that we should look after. If you are looking for a wedding inspiration, you can visit and you will be able to find a great inspiration for decoration, wedding dress, makeup, wedding rings, and more! Oh talk about wedding dress, as I was visited website, there are 3 wedding dresses that really caught my attention. And then I came up with a makeup look ideas on each of the dresses that I choose. 

Red and Bold
As you can see, there isn't much going on in that dress. It is plain, simple, yet gorgeous. As for the face, what you can do is, create a beautiful winged black eyeliner at the outer corner of your eyes, put a lil bit of bronzer and blusher on your cheek to add more colours on your face, and don't forget a red lipstick (the most important part). Go bright and bold with your dramatic eyeliner and that red lipstick. Although the dress is simple, but you will totally rock it with your gorgeous makeup look and sure people are gonna love it!

Smokey Eyes
You can see the skirt has three vertical fish tail, and it is so beautiful. So be brave and put on some dramatic eye makeup. A dark smokey eyes will go along with this wedding dress. Then people shall give more attention on your dress, and your fierce dramatic eyes. To balance it all, apply a soft nude or soft pink lip colour, with a touch of lipgloss on your lips. Then you're good to go!

Natural and Fresh Look
This dress is also one of my favourite. It is da boom! With that floral ball gown, you can see it is already attract an attention. So for the face, what you can do is create a fresh and natural looking face to balance it with the dress. Otherwise, if it's too much going on, it will definitely gonna look 'crowded'. You still want people to look at your gorgeous wedding dress, as well as your fresh looking face. A soft pink lip colour, some lip gloss, and a small winged eyeliner shall help you look gorgeous! For the eyes, lightly apply a shimmery champagne colour on the lids, and soft pink eyeshadow at the outer corner of your eyes. That will help to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Oh don't forget to add some highlight on your face for a nice glowy finish.

For more wedding inspiration and ideas:

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