Magic Black Cocoa Chocolate Pack and Clear Foam Cleansing (REVIEW)

November 15, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

My facial skin getting extremely dry these few days. The reason why is because I wear makeup almost EVERYDAY. You know some of the ingredients in cosmetic are not good for our faces if we used makeup often. So in my case, sometimes I wear makeup from morning to night because I have to attend my classes, and I never go out with a plain face. I have to atleast apply something, like foundation, face powder, eyeliner, and lipstick. And sometimes my face became super dry until I can't applied my foundation evenly. See how awful is that? -_- 

However, 2 weeks ago I was so glad that I received two products from Comian, So let's talk about the first product which is Magic Black Cocoa Chocolate Pack.

'It is ideal for tired skin. It leaves the skin supple and velvet-soft and makes the skin healthy'

Magic Black Cocoa Chocolate Pack contain 99.9 gold powder, aloe extract, cocoa powder, and collagen which produce hydrating and whitening effect. It act as a deep cleansing which can reduce pimple, blackheads, and also helps to moisturize your skin. This product is made from Korea and it has became one of the hot selling product around Korea, Japan, and Taiwan from 2008! You can visit Comian website and see the positive feedback from Korean users.

Well, you know what? This product is so amazing! No kidding. It can helps to mointurize my face. I've been using this product for two weeks now. Everytime my face get so dry, I just apply this product on my face, waited for 20 minutes, wash it off, then my face feel so refresh and moist after that. Because of that cocoa powder ingredient, Magic Black Cocoa Chocolate Pack have nice scent, and it really does smells like a chocolate! As soon as I applied it on my face, I can already smell the chocolate scent, makes me wanna bite my own face haha!

Other benefits of Magic Black Cocoa Chocolate Pack:
  • Shrink pores
  • Restore skin elasticity
  • Heal acne skin
  • Whitening
  • Control excessive oil
  • Anti-ageing
  • Soothe and maintain PH level of skin
  • Moisture, repair, and regenerate new skin
  • Suitable for all skin type, applies to all ages, and gender
Magic Black Cocoa Chocolate Pack's ingredients.

Oh btw, after using Magic Black Cocoa Chocolate Pack, I wash off my face using another product also from Comian, it is called Clear Foam Cleansing.

For this product, one of the ingredient is also from Cocoa, so that is why the colour is a bit brownish. But for some reason, compare to the first product, this Clear Foam Cleansing is actually smells like Nescafe haha! No joke. Clear Foam Cleansing can help to remove impurities, balance sebum secretion, give vitality to tired skin and remove makeup neatly while leaving a supple, hydrate skin. This product act as a cleanser so it is very easy to use. Just wash your face using this Clear Foam Cleansing like you normally do with your regular facial cleanser. From the image above where I applied the first product (Magic Black Cocoa Chocolate Pack), you can see I did put an eye makeup on. But when I wash my face using this Clear Form Cleansing, the makeup were all gone and my face is clean leaving no makeup products left. *you know sometimes when we washed our face but the black eyeliner was still visible under the eyes?

7 function system of Clear Form Cleansing:
  1. Pore care
  2. Dead skin cell
  3. Trouble care
  4. Makeup remover
  5. Sebum oil control
  6. Skin improvement
  7. Moisturizing

Overall, yes I recommend both of these products for those who have an extremely dry facial skin like mine. Not just for girls, but these products also suitable for guys as well. So if you're interested, don't forget to checkout Comian website, they have a lots of other beauty products that you can choose.


Magic Black Cocoa Chocolate Pack (Rm69.90)
Clear Foam Cleansing (Rm55.90)

Comian is offering a discount voucher special for you guys!
Voucher code: Nadhira1014
Voucher Value: RM20
Valid until 30th November 2014
Minimum purchase Rm60 and above

*this products have been send out to me for a review purposes, all review are based on my own opinion and may be differ from others.

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