Blogger Party at Ido's Clinic (EVENT)

November 25, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

I'm so excited for today's post. Few days ago, I was invited for a beauty blogger party at Ido's Clinic. Ido's Clinic is a Skin, Laser, and Aesthetics Medical Clinic chains that focus on non-to minimally invasive cosmetics treatments which helps to enhance our look without going under the knife procedure. Nice, right? You can find Ido's Clinic branches at almost more than 10 different places including JB, Kota Damansara, Penang, Singapore, and Indonesia. For this event (blogger party), it was held at Setiawalk, Puchong branch.

Of course I did not go alone. I brought my housemate along with me since she is very stubborn and everytime I told that she should start taking care of her face, she will never listen. So I thought this event could be very helpful.

The foods

Started off with a treasure hunt game which we all have to find a box of skincare product OR a voucher for free treatment in any Ido's Clinic branch of our choice! So of course we all got really excited. Oh I got the box of skincare product by the way.

Everyone participating in the treasure hunt game.
Then, we got a chance to meet Dr. Lucas Chia, a Founder and Medical Director of Ido's Clinic. He is also a spoke person for the event. He was kind enough to shared information about beauty, and yes of course we've learned a lot from him that day.

You can just asked him anything that concerned you, and he will guide you straight away.
He's a very funny guy!
And the next activity was actually the most fun part in this event. A live demo! I've never seen a live facial treatment before, so yeah of course I got really excited. They showed us a facial laser treatment, and a nose augmentation (filler).

Facial laser treatment
This is the scary part (injection involved)!  A nose augmentation, which helps to make the nose appear taller, or refine the nose shape.
Dr. Lucas Chia was molding her nose and make the nose bridge taller. 
The result was amazing! No kidding! It is instant, only took about 10 minutes to see the result.
Then suddenly Dr. Lucas Chia asked who wanna do for whitening skin treatment and immediately I rise up my hand. But as he looked on my skin, he says I don't need whitening treatment as my skin is already fair enough. So sad lorr bhahaha! He says, the key for glowy facial skin is a smooth and clean face, not a white skin. So people, don't be too desperate for a white skintone. Even a person with a darker skintone also can get glowy skin. *Understood. Make sense now!

She confided about her face problem for not having a glowy skin, so Dr. Lucas Chia promote a treatment for her. So lucky! As the result, at the end of the event, her face look nice and so glowy. Seriously!
Ido's Clinic provide many treatment for their clients. Hair removal, tattoo removal, chin augmentation, eyelid treatment, v-shape face, and more! All without surgery. You can now enhance your beauty without having your face cut open! haha! 

Dr. Lucas Chia and I.
These are the things that I got after the event.
Thanks for the Rm300 whitening facial voucher. Definitely gonna use it.  I'll be back!

Ido's Clinic
Instagram: @idosclinic

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  2. The day after our NY events my husband and I said repeatedly that there was nothing about the event that we would have done differently. Cannot recommend the manager and his staff more!!!

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