Makeup Products that You Must Have (for newbies)

October 10, 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt

Hi everyone thanks for dropping by to my blog. So as I was checking on my comment box, I found a request send by Camy Alya on 'must have makeup items' for newbies.

For those people who not really familiarize with all those beauty products, but you still wanted to try or buy a makeup product but not really sure which items are important, and which items you must have, I am here to help you out! I am not going to talk about a specific makeup brand, I'm just going to point it out the makeup products that you MUST have, and to help you familiarize with the products to achieve a beautiful look whenever you go out.

The first product that you must have is a Foundation.

In the picture above shown 9 types of foundation available. For newbies, I suggest use a foundation that suitable with your skintone colour. Do not use too light or too dark foundation. One shade lighter than your skintone is quite okay but avoid using way too bright for your skintone. You don't want to look like a clown in front of your friends. So again, pick the right shade! How to choose the suitable foundation shade? Read here.

The purposes of using foundation is to even out your skintone. You know, some people have uneven skin colour going on especially around their face. You can also cover any imperfection such as pimple, scars, dark circle, redness, and so on. So use foundation to make it look flawless.

Second must have makeup product, Concealer.

Same like foundation, concealer also made to cover your imperfection on your face. But, compare to foundation, concealer can gives a high coverage which it can cover almost everything on your face IF you choose the best quality one.

Third product, Face Powder

There are 2 types of face powder:
- Compact Powder
- Loose Powder (refer the picture above)

Alright I bet all of you atleast have face powder, right? Even my mom applied face powder before going out hehe. Face powder is a MUST! After apply foundation or concealer, you must apply face powder to set both the foundation and concealer so it doesn't fade away in the middle of the day. With the help of face powder, it can also gives your face an extra smooth and flawless. Looking like a princess haha!

Eyebrow Pencil / Eyebrow Gel / Eyebrow Powder

There are few eyebrow products that you can use for your brows. Eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, or eyebrow powder. All of it can help redefine your eyebrow since it is the highest point of your face, and you wanna make sure it look nice and neat. If your natural hair is blackest black, fine eyebrow pencil that one or two shade lighter. But if your hair is light, find something that one or two shade darker.

Must have makeup product, Eyeliner.

Newbie's worst enemy haha! I got so many comments here in my blog about they can't applied eyeliner smoothly and evenly. For newbies, I suggest first learn using a pencil eyeliner because it is easier to control plus, it is hard to get messy with eyebrow pencil. Practice make perfect. When you think you're okay with it, then change to liquid eyeliner. Slowly you're about becoming a pro in applying eyeliner using the liquid one. ngeh!

The next must have makeup product, Lash curler.

Lash curler. Obviously it is for curling your eyelash before apply a mascara. For those who already have 100% natural curly eyelash, congratz! You can skip this part (i'm jealous). Eyelash can actually make a big different on your face. You can compare yourself before and after curling the eyelash, and curly eyelash tend to make your face look awake and fresh. So yes, lash curler is a must! 


After you're done curling your lashes, you have to apply some mascara on it. Mascara can help to maintain the curl, and also make your eyelash appear longer and thicker. Don't believe me? Go try yourself :)

The last must have makeup product for newbies, Lipstick / Lipgloss / Lipbalm.

It is all up to you which products that you prefer. Lipstick, lipgloss, or lipbalm. But lipbalm usually have no colours. Which means, it looks more natural compare to lipstick but still helping to moisturize your lips, and prevent the dry crack lips. To add more colour on your face, you can always apply maybe a pinkish lip product to avoid your face from looking too pale. Play with colours! Don't be afraid. Experimenting with different colours to see the best result on you.

Well I guess that is all for now. It is a very simple tips and ideas on what product you must have especially for newbies. If you then are comfortable enough using all the products listed above, you can start step by step use a different products such as eyeshadow, bronzer, blusher, and more! There are lots of makeup products out there! Have fun, and good luck people!

I hope this entry will help most of you to decide which makeup tools you going to purchase in the future. See you soon and have a nice day. 

*all images above are taken from Google.

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