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October 05, 2014

Assalamualaikum wbt

I always got excited everytime the delivery man came with my items in front of my door. As I opened the parcel, I got super duper excited and I can't wait to try on the new items that I got recently from Luxola. There are two products, Lasertox V-line Shape Up, and Lasertox V-line Slim Up Mask. The brand is by Klarity, not sure whether you have heard of it before but Klarity is actually a skincare brand with Halal certificate, and teamed up with a group of dermatologist from Korea to fulfill your beauty needs and ensure all consumer feeling good using their products.

Since I was younger, I always wanted to have that perfect slimmer V-shape face but in the same time I knew it is impossible because I am getting more and more chubbier due to consumed too much of a fast food then my face tend to become plump and rounder everyday, every year. haha! If you saw most of my selfie pictures here in blog or instagram, you probably wouldn't believe me for having chubby face. That is because I was actually born with a heart face shape and I have a strong jaw feature (sometimes I hate it, makes me look like a men), but like I mention just now, due to the excessive fat, I am now have a round face shape haha! *oh I also take a selfie with the right angle which helps my face appear slimmer haha! sorry guys.

Lasertox V-line Shape Up

Inside the box, you will find three different products as shown in the image above. Read the details below for more information regarding each of the products:

a) V-line Face Belt
- Silicone belt which fits precisely along the V-line. 
- Do not worry about the shape, it will fits perfectly along your chin, and jawline. Silicone, so it's flexible.
- Hold on tight on top of your head to give that double chin, and neck a tight workout! 

b) Lasertox V-line Shape Up Cream
- The cream delicately hydrates skin from deep within. 
- It restores the skin firmness to lift the oval of the face.
- Help the face appears slimmer and visibly lifted.

c) Lasertox V-line Shape Up Sheet
- Designed to target on reshaping the chin and neck area.
- Infused with powerful, botanical-based formula to tighten, tone, firm sagging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
- Improving skin texture.

You probably wondering, how this thing works? And how to use these products? It is quite simple actually. First, take out the Lasertox V-line Shape Up Sheet and put it under your chin area. As you open the sheet, you noticed it is moist and damp sheet almost like a normal face mask that we normally used at home. But this one designed with the shape of our chin area. Oh did I mention it smells so good? Yupp! Then, just put on the V-line Face Belt. Refer the images below:

Put in under your chin and jawline area like so.

Put on the belt.
I warn you, your face will look so weird wearing it haha!
Make sure it hold on tight

Did you notice my chin is like 'V' shape while wearing that belt?
Just maintain it that way for another 40 minutes, okay?

From here, I feel the burning sensation around my chin, but not that extremely hot lah. It just burning your fat away haha! It is because of that Lasertox V-line Shape Up Sheet that I applied earlier. After 40 minutes, I took off the belt, and the sheet together.

But that's not all, don't forget about the third product which is Lasertox V-line Shape Up Cream. I apply and massage it all over my chin and jawline area. It will reduce the burning sensation that I felt earlier, and also help to smoothen the skin.

Applying Lasertox V-line Shape Up Cream under my chin and jawline.

Here is the shocking part. At first before I started using all of these products, I asked my roomate, Rina to measured my V-line area. Then after I'm done using all of these 3 products, Rina measure it again and guess what??

From 27cm now only 24cm! Seriously no joke! It reduce 3cm of my chin fat. I just couldn't believe it, and I asked Rina to used the products for herself and we waited for another 40 minutes, and the final result also the same as me. Rina measured her V-line, from 27cm to 23cm! Walaweh!

Lasertox V-line Slim Up Mask.

Ok so moving on to the second product that I got from Luxola. It is Lasertox V-line Slim Up Mask. Yes another product that help you reduce your double chin. Can you tell how happy I am now? hehe. So this product doesn't have any belt like the previous one, but this product is designed for those with a busy lifestyle yet care for the maintenance of their looks, so it only took 2 quick and easy steps for you to do. 

The thing that I love about these both products that I got from Luxola is, I can use them almost everytime while i'm at home. Reading books, update blog, listen to music, do my assignment, even while sleeping, I can still used them. So later that night, after I tested and satisfied with Lasertox V-line Shape Up, then I tried the Lasertox V-line Slim Up Mask.

First step: I applied this cream along my chin and jawline area.

Second step: I took the lift up mask and apply on the same place where I applied the cream before.

A hole for your ear so it doesn't cover all over it.

The treatment works while you sleep

This mask is actually feel very sticky as it will stay in place without moving around your face, so definitely you can wear it while you're sleeping like I did. And the next morning, you can feel a slimmer chin and with a help of little bit of bronzer for contouring, you're good to go!

Do you like my new chin? Bhahaha!

The next morning, i'm ready to go to college! Off we go!

The things that I like about Lasertox V-line Shape Up, and Lasertox V-line Slim Up Mask:
  • Simple and easy to do at home.
  • Wait only for atleast one hour to see the result.
  • It really does the job which is make your V-line appear smaller.

The things that I don't like about Lasertox V-line Shape Up, and Lasertox V-line Slim Up Mask:
  • I have to keep doing the routine everyday to see a permanent result.

Lasertox V-line Shape Up (Rm141.50)
Lasertox V-line Slim Up Mask (Rm24.00)

Where To Buy:
(the links above straightly heading to Luxola Malaysia website. you can also purchase the products in other Luxola Website)

Promo code:
(use this discount code to get 20% off for first purchase in every Luxola website! valid until 31 October 2014)

*these product have been send out to me for a review purposes. all review above are based on my own opinion and may be differ from others.

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