Beauty Friends Snail Essence Mask

August 17, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Last month I got several types of face mask (which you girls know that I love face mask, makes me feel relax), and one of it is Beauty Friends Snail Essence Mask. To be honest I've never try any product from snail essence before so this is my first time using it, at first I have this 'grotesque' feeling. I was imagined the slime, put it on your face and ewww~ But then I've been thinking why snail? What is the benefits? As I was scrolling down on Google, I found out snail face treatment is actually very popular in Japan. Because of the slime, it can actually help moisturize your skin face and make it look younger.

Printscreen from Google. Snail slime facial treatment.
Okay back to the snail essence mask, as I opened the pack, it is actually smells really good! Then you start forgot about the disgusting looking snail slime haha. The mask is a bit thicker than the usual mask that I've tried before. Before apply it on my face, I prefer to put it in a fridge within 15 to 20 minutes so that when I apply it, my face feel refresh and relax. I wear this facial mask for 30 minutes, took it off and gently massage my face using a tip of my finger all over the face just to ensure my skin is really absorb the product. Then leave it for about 10 minutes, and rinse my face to remove any extra product left on the face.

Made in Korea

At the back of the packaging. A description on how to apply Beauty Friends Snail Essence Mask

It is also 100% eco-friendly pulp mask sheet in essence form, and contain natural ingredient that are safe for your skin. Other than help to moisturize your skin, it also can preventing wrinkles because it can overcome your dry face problem. Just like me, I have a serious dry skin and sometimes it is hard for me to blend my foundation evenly on my face. But after using this snail essence mask, my face feel more refresh and moisture in just 30 minutes. Thanks to disgusting Mr.Slime haha! 

picture taken from google


Where to buy:
Instagram: supermodels_secrets

p/s: these product have been sent out to me for a review purposes. all review above are based on my own opinion.

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  1. g korea aritu borong musk bagai sakan jugak. lepas guna mmg kulit rase moisture dan selesa je.

    1. kan?? pakai mask best sgt2... rase relax je :)


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