Chriszen Luxury 24k Gold Ampoule

July 09, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Hi girls! Short notice, if you haven't read my last entry about Chriszen Moist Cake Foundation, click HERE. So today's entry is about another product review, Chriszen Luxury 24 Gold Ampoule. 

'Keep your skin moist before makeup/skin care. Supply plenty of nutrition for your skin more smooth and brighten.
Ingredient: Water, Hydrolysed Collagen, L-Glutahione, Glycerin, EGF, 24K Gold.
Formulated in Korea'
So basically this 24k Gold Ampoule is use to brighten and soften your skin before applying any makeup. I noticed sometimes when we applied a foundation / face powder, it turns out uneven due to a dry skin face problem. So this Chrizen 24k Gold Ampoule is a great solution for that. The things that I like about this product, it is just like a watery fluid texture. When I applied it all over my face, first I can feel it a bit sticky, but not after I put on my foundation and face powder. It is non-greasy/oily moisturizer, which is good!

24k Gold Ampoule in watery fluid  texture, non-greasy, non-sticky.

Chriszen 24k Gold Ampoule can also help to:
  • Brighten the skin
  • Moisturize the skin before makeup
  • Makeup will stay long.

Chriszen 24k Gold Ampoule application guide:
  1. Instill 2 drops of 24k Gold Ampoule on the palm of your hand, make sure your hand is clean.
  2. Gently pat your face to help your skin absorb the product.
  3. Wait a few second for the product properly absorbed (you will notice your skin begin to feel more subtle).
  4. Wear makeup as usual.
I applied 24k Gold Ampoule before put on any makeup.
Just in case you're wondering, here I used Chriszen Moist Cake Foundation (right picture)
Although I did not get enough sleep everyday due to a lot of assignments and reports that need to be submit in a short period of time, but I still able to manage myself and looking good everytime I go to college. Thanks to Chriszen product, ayte? :)

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p/s: these product have been given to me for a review purposes. all review above are based on my own opinion and my be differ than others.

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  1. sesuai tak untuk kulit berminyak..

    1. Kulit berminyak so far takde masalah guna product ni sbb wlaupun product ni bantu melembutkan kulit sbelum makeup, tp dia tak terlalu oily mcm sesetengah product moisturizer lain. Moreover dia blh bantu tahan makeup u lebih lama.

  2. hi dear, nak tanya. boleh guna ini sebelum moisturizer tak? thanks ya!

    1. kalau you guna ampoule tu, dh blh skip moisturizer sbb dye pun actually act melembutkan kulit muka sblum makeup

  3. klau pkai sebelum tido, ok ?


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