Chriszen Gel Eyeliner

July 17, 2014

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

This is the last review for Chriszen product. If you haven't seen my previous three posts about other Chriszen products, click the links below:
So today, I wanna review a Chriszen Gel Eyeliner:
The packaging
Easy To Draw
Easy To Remove
Intense Black

Zoom in!
'Creamy gel type allows to draw a smooth clean line without crease, long wearing, and quick dry formula gel eyeliner creates all-day wear clearly. Chriszen gel eyeliner comes with exclusive eye line brush'

I really love this eyeliner. Most of you probably knew that eyeliner is a MUST for me, because I have chinese looking eyes, or 'sepet', so I have to applied an eyeliner in order to make them appear bigger. But I never like a gel one before, so I only used liquid eyeliner instead. Why? Well, most of the gel eyeliner that I've tried, really disappointed. It claim it is waterproof, smudge proof, and long lasting. But you know what? Everytime I check my face on the mirror, I can see it started to smudged. pfftt! 

However, when I first tried out this Chriszen Gel eyeliner, and I wear it like the whole day, it doesn't smudge at all! Really long lasting, and waterproof. Refer the images below:

See that? I tried to rub the line using my finger, and some water but you can still see the line. Oh one thing, I know some of you probably afraid to buy this product because of the 'waterproof', and you afraid that it is hard to take off when you want to perform your prayer (for Muslim). For me, I just used the makeup remover, and problem solve :)

No more smudging


Where To Buy?

p/s: these products have been given to me for a review purposes. all review above are based on my own opinion and may be differ from others.

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  1. your eyess.. (❤ , ❤) cantikkk

    1. (sambung).... tp sepet...... hahahaha thanks sab

  2. Dear ,ni pakai lipstik ape tu ek ?

    1. ni pakai lipstick dari IN2IT... tapi dah x igt lah code ape... dh lama pic ni... sorry ek :(


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