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May 11, 2014

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share an awesome online shop to you guys. Have you ever heard about It is actually a website that sell so many things with a very affordable price! Yupp seriously. Plus, their customer service is pretty good, they will respond to you as soon as you register your name and email on 

You can see on the left-side, there are lots of categories that you can choose from.

See? All prices are very affordable. In, you can find almost anything. Not just an items for women, but they also sell many products for men as well. If you want to order something from their website, the first thing you have to do is sign up you name, email, and other details. Then just click on the items that you want to purchase, and to check out, there will be some form that you have to fill in for the posting purposes such as your phone, address, fullname, conformation, and so on. Do not worry, your items should be arrive within 2-4 working days. But if you still haven't receive your items after few days, you can just simply notify them by send an email, and they'll sure get back to you as soon as possible. If you're still in concern about the service provided, I did printscreen customers feedback from their Facebook page: facebook page

How did I know about Well recently I did buy some items from them. That is how I know how well their services are. Oh you probably wondering what items that I've purchased, well I just thought about doing some exercise at home to start a healthy lifestyle (haha!)

I bought 10lb x 2 = 20lb dumbell.  It cost around Rm30++ each. And I also got myself a Yoga Mat in pink! Now I can do some yoga owyeahhh. So what are you waiting for? Checkout their website for more products available!

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  1. Good luck dgn dumbbell & yoga mat. Hehe

    1. hahaha! insyaAllah... dumbbell ok,,,, tapi yoga tu pffttt (berfikir 5,6 kali nak beryoga) -_-


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