Thursday Tag (Only One)

March 20, 2014

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Today it is all about a Thursday Tag where we suppose to answer all 15 questions and we're only allowed to give ONE answer only. Demm hard i know. But I still want to join this tag. Looks like fun!

1) If I can only have ONE shopping mall to only go, what should it be?
Sunway Pyramid. Woot! Woot! Walaupun kekadang sesat kat sana bhahaha!

2) If I can only have ONE restaurant to only eat, what would it be?
I'm not sure if there is this restaurant in other places, but so far I only found it in my hometown which is in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It's called Upperstar. Gosh, you can find many types of Malay and Western foods here. Marvelous!

3) If I can only have ONE handbag brand/store to only have, what would it be?
I love Padini. The range of prices are not too expensive but still, the products is kinda cool to have.

4)  If I can only have ONE shoe brand/store to only have, what would it be?
I choose Converse. The design is kinda funky and have a tomboyish kinda style and yet, still can be use by a lady coz they're now came up with wedges-converse. Ain't that awesome?

5) If I can only have ONE clothing brand/store to have, what would it be?
I don't really have any specific brand of clothing that i like, I prefer any brand as long as it's suitable with my style and most important, can fit me well. (i'm in plus size so....)

6) If I can only have ONE accessories brand/store to only have, what would it be?
Guess what? Padini again! They have many types of accessories there and most of it are vintage designs. 

 7) If I can only have ONE watch brand/store, what would it be?
I don't wear watch but if I do, I definitely never look at the brand. I just wear any watch that looks great on me :)

8)  If I can only have ONE makeup brand/store, what would it be?
Demm i hate this question. You girls know I love makeup, right? One brand will never be enough haha! but for the sake of this question, I choose Lime Crime.

9)  If I can only have ONE lingerie brand/store, what would it be?
Victoria Secret. So sexy!  

10)  If I can only have ONE desert/snack store, what would it be?
OMG cake! Chocolate cake! Tehee~ :)

11)  If I can only have ONE music/singer/band to listen to, what would it be?
Gosh! I can't choose only one! I'll listen to RnB, clubmix, hiphop, hard rock, metal, pop, and etc as long as it is in English songs, and I don't really care about the singer. Well what can I say, I'm flexible :)

12)  If I can only have tv show/channel to watch, what would it be?
Lifetime channel.

13)  If I can only have ONE breakfast menu to eat, what would it be?
Coco Crunch cereal with cold chocolate milk! Nyummeh!

14)  If I can only have ONE grocery store, what would it be?
Snacks section. I love junk food especially chocolate. That explain my chubbiness a lot! haha!

15)  If I can only have ONE drink to drink, what would it be?
You give me freaking ice cold coke, i can drink it every single day haha! Bad, i know. I rarely drink coke now. Like, once a month. Yeyy!

Finally, i've made it! My head is in struggle mode due to too much thinking of only ONE items in each question hihi however, after read through all the answers that i gave above, you are now be able to know a little bit bout me. You're now know that i'm not 'that' fussy coz I can wear any brands, listen to many songs, and wear any dress that suits me. I'm not fussy, right? Right? Hope so heeee Happy Thursday! 

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  1. haha sab pun selalu sesat kat Sunway.. i dont know why... XD
    Thanks for doing this tag! have fun reading it! hehe

    1. kan.... hahaha pusing2, tapi still pegi area yg same jgk haha


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