Elianto Stay On Liquid Eyeliner

January 24, 2014

Assalamualaikum wbt

About 2 weeks ago, I bought an eyeliner from Elianto seems I run out of my favourite liquid eyeliner, so I decided to buy a new one. I dropped by to Elianto and looked around for waterproof liquid eyeliner, and the women suggested for Stay On Liquid Eyeliner.

I don't have a proper picture for this product so I just took it from Elianto's website. 

I've never bought this eyeliner before so i'm not sure whether it is new or not. But the main reason why I wanted to buy this product on the first place is because it claimed to be super duper waterproof and smudgeproof!

However, after I bought it, I noticed the texture is very creamy so for me, it is kinda hard to draw for a smooth and nice line on the lid. And the other thing that I also don't like is the size of the brush is kinda thick so if you want to draw a thin wing at the outer corner of your eyes, it's pretty hard to do so.

This size of the brush is thicker than the image below:
Personally, I prefer to use this type of brush cause it's a lot easier to draw the wing.

But for those who prefer that thick kinda brush, it should be no problem lah, right? So moving on to the best thing about this product. I really love how Elianto claimed it is waterproof and smudgeproof and yes it is true! Seriously. Although the texture is kinda creamy, but after it is dry, definitely stay on for 10 hours! I've tried it myself and i'm loving it. Sometimes after came back home from college, I fall asleep and wake up with a gorgeous eyes (because I still have my eyeliner on without smudging)

You can see from the pictures above, I already tried smudge it out using my finger, water, and even makeup remover but still you can see the eyeliner is not completely gone.

After using makeup remover

But the only problem is, it is hard to wash it off. In order to make sure the eyeliner is 100% wash off, you have to clean it using makeup remover over and over again and ensure your lids is completely clean from it.

Brand: Elianto
Colour: Black
Texture: Waterproof and creamy
Price: Rm20.90
Content: 4.3g / 0.152 fl.oz e
Made in Italy

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  1. cantikk tapi tak suka sangat yang susah nak remove dan berus tu mcm tebal sangat :)

  2. Part tak best bila susah nak remove..

  3. part tht i dont like when its difficult to remove. coz i will tonyoh tonyoh jugak until it goes away.
    hahaha. but im too in love with Mary Kay makeup remover. sangat sangat effective.
    i wanna try this eyeliner bcs look best and cantik =D

    1. yupp, kalau guna the best makeup remover i think should be no problem lah :)

  4. waaah cantik!tapi saya xpenah pakai dan xpandai pon nk pakai bnda ni :)


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