Jelly Apple Peeling

July 12, 2013

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hello there. So today i'm going to update about another product review or should i say my new favourite face product of the month! Last week I flew to KL. And the next day i went to Mid Valley (for those who didn't know, i am from Sabah), and i bought this amazing face product called Jelly Apple Peeling. I bought it from The Face Shop and it is made from Korea. Well, we all know Korea always produce an amazing cosmetics so that is why i wanted to try it out on the first place. This is how it looks like:

At first i thought this was the product where you apply on your face and let it dry and after 10 minutes you have to peel it from your face like a mask. But, NO! It was nothing like that. The promoter did not give me a full info about this product. I'm not sure whether she is chinese or korean (well they all look the same), because when i came into the store, she was like 'annyeonghaseyo!'. When i asked her 'what is this product actually?' and she answered 'peeling jelly'. Erk, seriously lady? Can you be more specific and detail? I had no idea what was this product is all about. But i bought it anyway. Bhahaha!

This is how it looks like. Now you know why they called it JELLY apple peeling.

This is how it works. First, make sure your face is clean. Then apply the jelly apple peeling and massage it all over your face for 1-2 minutes. I repeat, MASSAGE. Soon you will notice there are some 'things' came out from your face. Look at my pictures below:

The jelly apple will took off all your dead skin from your face. How amazing was that! Although it kinda looks like boogers haha! Oh, after that u just wash your face with water.

So i can say this Jelly Apple Peeling is pretty amazing. I even tested it out with my mom and dad and they both admit that their face felt so fresh and smooth after using it. The fragrant it pretty cool too! Kinda like a green apple. Maybe. Sorta.

Where to buy?
The Face Shop

Rm39.90 (but i got discount)

Bigger than The Charcoal Mask from Daiso.
Net weight: 120ml / 4.05 fl.oz

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  1. wow.....macam best.....!!!!

  2. wah, ein pun nak cube laa mcm nie... lg senang kot gune yg nie dr mask...

    1. mask ok jugak cuma just blh guna sekali ja.. pastu kena buang >.< kalau jenis macam packaging jelly apple ni byk stok.. blh guna tiap minggu hehe

  3. owh..mcm skrub muka ea?? best je nampak!!


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