Easy Ways To Avoid Wrinkles On Your Face

May 10, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Today I decided to post something ready interesting. I wanted to share some easy tips on how to avoid or slow down the signs of aging (wrinkles) on your face. Some people who just reach their early 20's but we can already see a few line or wrinkles here and there around their face, definitely not a good sign. 

1. First of all you have to keep in mind that wrinkles are not 100% cause by age or genetic factors. Doesn't mean you reach 50 and there must be a wrinkles. NO! Can you see a few famous actors and actress out there (Rozita Che Wan, maybe?) who already in a mid 40++/50++ but still looking good. 30% is cause by age factor, and 70% are depends on you; How did you treat your face, did you apply some facial product, or did you even taking care of your skin.

2. Avoid your skin from overly exposed to sunlight frequently. The sunlight is actually good for the skin, BUT, too much exposed to it can cause wrinkles, make your skin look old, and yes your skin will become darker.

3. Drink enough water atleast 8 glasses per day! Plain water can helps repair your dry and dead skin, and makes your skin look smooth and healthy.

4. Have a good and enough rest. Make sure you sleep with a right sleeping position. Did you know, if you sleep with your hand place on your face area, it will cause a 'sleep line' which later will turn into a wrinkles on your face?

5. Control your face expression. A strong face expression will slowly cause a winkles on your face.

6. Feed your skin. Apply some moisturizer or other facial product that good for your skins. 

7. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. It contain a lot of vitamin which is good for your body and skin. That is why most people in Thailand, they used a traditional way and applied Papaya on their face. It is fresh, healthy, and does not contain any chemical ingredient.

8. Face massage. If possible, pamper yourself and go to a facial spa nearby. But if you don't have the time to do so, you can just apply your facial cream at home and slowly massage your face. Trust me, it feels so good and relaxing.

9. Do not smoking! As I was searching through the internet, I saw a lot of statement says that people who smoked appear to look older than non-smokers. Is it true? Well, if we look at all those people who smoke, do you think they have a nice and smooth skin? No, right? Make sense now :)

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  1. tq for sharing..
    pemakanan tu la mcm leceh skit sbb byasenyer mkn pakai bedal je n sayur pn kurg...hehe

    1. hehe ya.. kdg2 langsung takda sayur... semua ayammm.. ikann... dagingg... huuu sedap sedap

  2. thank you.. sy pon x suke makan sayur... waa

  3. bagus tips ni.. yang paling elok banyakkan makan buah-buahan, sayur-sayuran, bersenam secara teratur, tidur cukup dan minum air secukupnya..

  4. ada baby ni tidur pun x cukup.. hehehe.. btw nice sharing.. tq.. :)

  5. sye kena ubah posisi tidur dengan garis senyum sye memang jelas nampak. patutlah kat mata ada kedut2 -_-

    Good tips ! Thankyouuuuuu and tak sangka umur awak 21thn. Samelah kitewww. hehe

  6. bagus semua tip ni.. kita pompuan ni memang biasa peka if ada orang kata kita ni dah mcm anak 10 ke wahhal br ada anak 2.. n if kita umur 20 org igt dah 30.. hihi.. amalkan semua tip antara yg awak tulis ni, insyaAllah. tapi bab2 tidur tu kak pon igt nak praktis.. ;D

    1. kan... sy memang dh byk kali kene mcm tu... lelaki yg 8-9tahun lebih tua panggil sy akak.. walaweh terasa amat tua diri ini -_-'

  7. Hehe betul tu merokok mmg boleh buat muka lebih tua skit dr usia.
    Amalkan pemakanan yg sihat dan semulajadi tu mmg bagus mcm org dulu. badan pun sihat dan fit.
    Vivix Shaklee pun semulajadi juga tau. Kalau nak nmpk muda dari usia dan nk berhent merokok , recommended sgt vivix ni :) -Kak Fatihah Yaacob


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