What is 'Foundation' and 'Concealer' ?

January 07, 2013

Hi everyone!

Okay maybe it's a bit late, but still I want to wish you all Happy New Year 2013! My new year resolutions, I will try to be happy and healthy as possible. Also will try to update a new blogpost often for you guys so you will not get bored with nadhiraizzati.com :)

Lets jump into the topic. A lot of us are not quite sure what are the differences between foundation and concealer. I am not a professional nor and expert on makeup. But here are a few information that I got based on my own experience and research on the internet, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

  • Basically, there are 3 types of foundation; stick foundation, liquid foundation, and powder foundation. Refer the images below:
Stick Foundation
(it looks like a  lipstick)

Powder Foundation

Liquid Foundation

  • Foundation is used to even out our skintone. So most people will usually apply the foundation evenly all over the face using a finger, makeup sponge, or makeup brush.
  • Make sure you choose the right foundation colour for your face. Foundation suppose to help you get a perfect looking skin, however if you choose the wrong shade, it is not going to look good on you. I already posted a basic guideline on how to choose the right foundation colour, here.
  • Apply a face powder after using the foundation to set everything in place.
  • There are 3 types of coverage; light coverage, medium coverage, and heavy coverage. Heavy coverage usually used by people who have many imperfection on the face and need and extra coverage to hide it (pimples, redness, scars, and etc).
  • Stick foundation normally used when the weather is quite hot because this type of foundation is not easily melted like the liquid foundation. Stick foundation should only be apply on a necessary area. It gives you a natural looking flawless skin.
  • Powder foundation best for oily faces because the texture is quite matte.
  • Liquid foundation is quite 'heavy' for the face (depending how many layers did you put, and what coverage did you used). Really effective to hide every imperfection on the face.


  • Concealer are meant to conceal everything that need an extra attention on the face. If you only used a light or medium coverage of foundation, you might still want to use concealer to cover other things like dark circle, pimples, redness, and eyebag.
  • There are 3 types of concealer; stick, liquid, and cream. The picture above is the cream one.
  • Terdapat beberapa jenis warna concealer. Hijau, kuning, coklet, purple, dan sebagainya.
  • Unlike foundation, this concealer only be apply on a specific area only. Do not apply a concealer all over the face.
  • Concealer usually have 4 different colours and each of them have their own use. 
  • Hijau: to cover redness on the face. Green meeting with red can neutralize your skin colour. So no more redness around the nose and lips area. Make sense, right? 
  • Kuning: to cover bruises, dark spots, and eyebag / dark circle under the eyes.
  • Brown: which is often used for people with dark colour. The purpose is to even out the skin tone.
  • Purple: can hide the yellow-colour imperfection. Example includes the yellow bruises.
That's all. A very basic info, and hopefully it gives you some ideas on choosing the right foundation and concealer for you. Any questions, feel free to drop a comment down below. Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day :)

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  1. salam :) best baca info ni ^^ saya suka pakai yang stick sebab mudah dah senang nak apply.kulit saya jenis kering sangat esp kat bahagian hidung kekadang geram sebab bila pakai bedak nampak macam betompok2 kat bahagian kering tu aiiii :(

    umm.lagi satu, nak tanya, dulu saya ad pakai concealer jenis yang color kuning (yang jenis creamy) tu konon2 nak tutup my dark eyebag yang teroks sangat.. haha. tapi bila pakai and da tap dengan bedak dia jadi macam bertepek & nampak pelik dan eyebag tu jadi kelabu pulaks. hoho. so, now memang kuar dengan eyebag yang teruks giler.. =( tak tahu nak cover macam mana. ke cara pakai slah ke ape ke.. ntah la. hoho

    January 7, 2013 10:03 A

  2. @Iqa waalaikummussalam... kalau kulit kering, kena rjin pkai moisturizer k tuk lembapkan kulit.. insyaAllah it will help to improve your skin :)

    hehe kalau yg kes mcm tu selalunya disebabkan pemilihan kaler yg slh.. maybe u guna kaler cncealer yg trlalu cerah utk u... kalau mix with dark circle, yes ofcoz dia akan bertukar kelabu dan nmpk lebih teruk... u cuba guna liquid cncealer yg kaler lebih dekat ngan your skintone... k? :)

  3. @Nadhira Izzati oh macam tu.. ehehe.. tu la saya jenis men pakai je. hehe.. orait ! sy akan rajin2 pakai moisturizer (sebab memang malas nak pakai pun sebenarnye.. tu sebab kulit kering. ekeke). btw, jeles sangat dengan your skin yng flawless. hehehe :D nice blog suka bace entry awk ! <3

  4. thanks perkongsian pasal concealer. baru tahu nak pilih warna ape dengan eye bag bawah mata ni :)

  5. hurmmm baru tahu concelar ada colour and fungsi2 dia tau serius huhuhu :)

  6. wauuu......sangt menarik...suke sangt!

  7. assalam, nice info.. sangat lemah bab ni.. ehhehehee...


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