The Purge Makeup

Hi everyone!

If you guys have seen The Purge, well I guess you already know what I'm about to do. Yupp, I just wanted to show you some pictures of me did a face makeup inspired by an action thriller horror movie, The Purge (2013), and The Purge Anarchy (2014). If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you should go and watch it. It's about a 12 hours during which all criminal activities (including murder) is legal. And most of them who join the purge are wearing this weird creepy mask on while holding a sharp knife.

Watch The Purge Trailer:

*image taken from google
*image taken from google
So as I was searching for the tutorial in Youtube, then I found Lex's tutorial. It was awesome, and she did a great job. She always do. She is so creative, and I love all her face paint makeup tutorial. You can check her The Purge makeup tutorial down below:

This is my first attempt to re-create the look. And I took my dad's cleaver knife and put some fake blood on it haha!

Sorry for the bad quality pictures. I took it only using a phone front cam -_-
Now I can join the purge, and kill anyone who's annoyed me bhahaha! It was so funny, and I can't stop laughing watched myself in front of the mirror looking like that. Then I show these pictures to my mom and she laughed out loud while she was driving and called me crazy haha! Oh btw, I did this makeup 2 months ago, but only now I have the time to post it in my blog. Sorry guys.